Your high school junior or senior is starting to think about college and your are starting to panic.

Don’t feel alone. Even though they may put up a good front, many parents are in dismay when they have to face the facts about paying for their son or daughter’s secondary education.

Just look at the statistics:  The average cost of four years at a public school is now $89,044 and average costs of four years at a private college is $173,156! Now combine these stats with the fact that in 2011 the average US Household income was $50,502.   Of course what if you aren’t even at the average income or have other hardships like being a single mom?   So, how do parents successfully pay for college?

The truth is that most don’t.  This is why just about all colleges offer grants, scholarships etc. to reduce the “real cost” to families.  Unfortunately, even after aid from the chosen college is received, many families are still overwhelmed financially.  This leads to parents and their children to borrow staggering amounts of money that will create hardship for years to come.  It also leads parents to bankrupt their retirement accounts for no reason.

The Good News is that you are about to learn about some awesome tricks that we can guarantee no one else has ever told you about regarding how to pay for college.

You see, what most Certified College Planning experts will tell you after working with thousands of parents in the college planning process is that there is not one big magical trick to obtaining money to pay for college.  The key is to optimize every part of the process in your favor.  Since every family and situation is different, the ways they save and the amounts they save will be different.

The other that is necessary, and this critically important, is to allow for major paradigm shifts in how you what going to college is about and what it is not about.

Money is not going to fall from the sky.  The cavalry is not coming.

How would you like to start the college planning process over a hour of videos that provide tips that will easily save your family thousands of dollars?

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